Silber Turbos

Silber Turbos is proud to announce their development with the New Polaris RZR 1000. We have designed bolt on turbo kit with the best components in the turbo industry, to bring you the most powerful and reliable turbo kit on the market. The RZR 1000 produces 67 hp to the rear wheels. This turbo kit at 12 psi of boost creates 135 hp at the rear wheels. That is over double the hp, and the kit allows you to run 20+ psi of boost with recommend engine modifications.

This turbo kit features:

  • Indy car inspired tuned stainless equal length merge collecting invested casted v band exhaust manifold
  • kPa 2860 Dual Ceramic Ball Bearing turbocharger 
  • Stainless v band exhaust housing.
  • 40mm external waste gate actuator
  • Exhaust is finished with merging 3"-2.5" stainless downpipe, that adapts to the stock muffler, for low exhaust decibels, and emissions.
  • Charge air consist of custom molded 2.5" silicone hose that doesn't heat soak like aluminum pipe for low charge temps and maximum hp gain per PSI of boost.
  • Cage mounted Air to Air intercooler and head shim to lower the compression to 9:1 ratio allows us to safely run high boost pressures and on pump fuel ( under bed intercooler available)
  • Rapid response ram air box lets the engine response instantly.
  • Recirculating blow off valve, for emissions and performance reasons, recirculating the boost pressure back into the intake track allows for instant boost response during on off throttle operation, this keeps the turbocharger spinning at maximum RPM shaft speed while not on the gas.
  • The kits comes with throttle body support bracket to prevent boots from delaminating and separation of throttle bodies from the engine.

Comes complete with a boost gauge an air fuel ratio gauge and a bracket to mount them on the steering post. Fueling is done with a PCV fuel controller and larger injectors.

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